playlist 01: "this too shall pass"

In the depths of nationwide lockdown, having more time to enjoy music was one of the few perks of being isolated at home.

To some it brought a welcome distraction from the barrage of bad news that seemed to grow by the day, whilst others found community and normality amongst the chaos, through the sharing of sounds. Connecting with one another had never seemed so vital and many households will have surely bonded over a cross generational banger, or battled over who had skipped their tune in the queue.

In addition, through acoustic kitchen sessions, bedroom DJ sets and Twitter listening parties our growing dependence on social media provided moments of global connection in a time of widespread isolation, thanks to the universal language of music. Some folk may have taken the opportunity to try something new, with time on their hands there had never been a better time to broaden one’s musical palette. 

On the contrary, in times of uncertainty many will likely have opted to sink back into nostalgia and rediscover forgotten gems, “comfort-food” listening; a sure-fire way to brighten darker days. This playlist is created with this in mind, hand selected by the members of The Merrie Collective, it aims to provide an insight into their personal experience of the tumultuous events of 2020, through music. Enjoy x


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