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We are excited to be working on ‘This is Tomorrow’, a project headed up by Nelson and Woodward in partnership with The Civic Barnsley.

Commissioned artists will work with local Barnsley groups to co-develop a series of new artworks to be showcased as part of Barnsley Bright Nights. The display of the new artworks will form a rally that travels through the town centre, consisting of roaming billboards, illuminated placards and calls to action. 


The project aims to support members of the groups in exploring their ideas, hopes and visions for Barnsley's future.

The artists and participants will create works that seek to pitch a declaration to Barnsley; thoughts for their future, thoughts for Barnsley’s future.


It is a demonstration of the importance for everyone to feel empowered to stand up and speak for change.


It celebrates the value of sharing thoughts and perspectives during a moment in history when the public’s right to protest is being inhibited. 

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The project is running alongside the Jeremy Deller print and poster exhibition ‘Warning Graphic Content’ due to be displayed at The Civic from October. The exhibition is a showcase of all of his print and poster works from 1993 - 2021 and will provide the backdrop and inspiration for ‘This is Tomorrow’.

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